Edit - Mail Settings

All of these restrictions only apply when someone is trying to make FIRST CONTACT. After first contact has been made both parties can email each other regardless of restrictions.

Limit who can contact you by selecting criteria below
First contact messages must be
Allow users to initiate chat with me
Age Between to
Allow a user to see that I viewed their profile
Check the boxes that you DO NOT want contacting you.
Users looking for:
Hanging out
Intimate Encounter
Users who:
Have messaged others for sex or intimate encounters
Use Drugs
Are Married
(Blocks prefer not to say, married or living together)
General settings
Send me an email, when i have mail at Faxo
Send me an email when someone adds me to their favs
Allow emails (first contact) from users without images on their profile
My public photos are visible (temporarily hide your images with "no")