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Relationship Issues615am new here looking for nice lady to friend by ramsonk
Poems and Quotes821Very nice poem! If not a little bittersweet :) by chocolate_lover
Dating Experiences36Good question...hmmm. This looks like a lovely time but I am not sure how romantic it might be with me sitting there in my life vest and my snorkel atop my head....just in case!!! lol Thats a tiny pontoon! Put me on a party barge and I'd be fine. by Debbie
Dating Over 30810Immaculate Camfession by olgakatysheva
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Profile Reviews25Truth And Nothing But The Truth by Debbie
Dating Over 4524While I AM married and on here I have said so in/on the profile which I am sure most men AND women do not. Googling and following the background check links can get information without paying. The information may not hit you over the head but looking thro by Curiouswe
Ask a Guy1324After having a good love for 40 years I am unhappy. I would rather have a true love so that I might worship the ground she walks on. by Curiouswe
Ask a Girl510hw are u and ur family by niyi
Dating & Love Advice33How to Get Girls to Like You by catlover
Broken Hearts14I have to admit that sometimes I just feel like 'damaged goods.' It is difficult not to drag along our emotional baggage into a new relationship, isn't it? And it's way too easy to jump to conclusions, or distrust, or to misinterpret the meaning of or rea by Debbie

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Arts & Music36My personal favorite - Dancin' Away With My Heart-Lady A by Debbie
Health & Fitness12Very good tips catlover....if only I could find my mojo ... :) by Debbie
Humor48Funniest Dating Video Ever!!! by catlover
Off Topic67Valentine's Day Is Right Around The Corner by Debbie
Recipes & Cookies22Better than Sex Cake by catlover
Science & Philosophy23We are just starting to discover planets in other solar systems. The number of planets MAY be underestimated. Research will show if the percent of habitable planets will need to be revised. Most of the discovered? planets have been gas giants unable to su by Curiouswe
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Stories & Creative23Best Sex Pranks by catlover
Technology & Computers35How to Uninstall Crxbro Browser from PC | by Christina17392
Travel14I just want to go to Vegas at least once!! If you have been, tell me why you liked it. Also would love to see San Fran in person ...have you been there ? by Debbie