Why leave the house to enjoy a Peanut Buster Parfait when it is so simple to make your own at home? Save yourself the time and the money with just a few simple ingredients.


1 pint Vanilla Bean ice cream, slightly softened
1/2 c. hot fudge sauce
1/2 c. roasted peanuts in pieces
whipped cream


In 2 tall glasses, place a few peanuts on the bottom; pour in 1-2 T. hot fudge; add a large scoop of ice cream, pushing the ice cream down so it coats the edges of the glasses; layer with more peanuts, hot fudge and ice cream. Finish with peanuts.

Garnish the glasses with whipped cream, the remaining hot fudge and a sprinkle of peanuts.

Serve immediately.

2 servings.

Prep Time

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