Recycled Plastic Bottle Craft: Easter Bunny Bottle

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Materials needed:

Jelly beans, $1 and up
6 oz clear, empty water bottle, on hand
Pipe cleaners, on hand or $1
Scrap paper, on hand
1 large pom pom and 2 small pom poms, on hand or $1
Googly eyes, on hand or $1
Permanent markers, on hand
Cupcake wrappers, on hand or $1
Hot glue gun, on hand
Double-sided tape, on hand or $1

How to Make a Recycled Bottle Bunny:

# 1: Fill dry empty water bottle with jelly beans.

#2: Take cupcake wrappers and cut down the side. Cut the circle out from the bottom of the wrapper. Wrap around the top of the water bottle. Cut off excess wrapper and fasten back together with double sided tape or glue.

#3: Bend pipe cleaners into the shape of bunny ears. Lay the bent pipe cleaners on scrap paper and cut paper in the shape of the ears to create a backing. Glue pipe cleaners to the construction paper.

#4: Tuck large pom pom and pipe cleaner bunny ears into bottle opening at the top.

#5: Using hot glue gun (or glue dots or tacky glue), glue googly eyes and small pom pom nose to the front of the bottle and draw on mouth and whiskers. Glue small pom pom onto the back as a tail.

#6: Cut small "mittens" or arms from construction paper and glue onto sides of the water bottle.

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